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Our marker/reflectors are available in yellow and orange from 48" - 72" in length.

Product Benefits
Mark Driveways
Mark Culverts
Show Roadways
Mark Hazardous Areas


Now is the time to revolutionize your signage and marking programs!

Imagine using a sign post which is lightweight, strong and resistant to all environments. We would like to introduce you to the revolutionary new family of TUFF’n LITE™ Composite Sign Posts. You will get rid of those heavy, rusting, steel sign and marking posts forever once you have experienced our products.

New technology in TUFF’n LITE™ Composite Posts has advanced the sign industry. Traditionally, sign posts were manufactured from steel. However, design excellence and technological advancements in manufacturing prompted Designovations, Inc. to patent and produce sign posts which are lightweight, strong and simple to install. The TUFF’n LITE™ Composite Sign Posts can be utilized in a variety of environments with numerous applications.

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Product environments & applications:

Transit Signage – Bus Stops, Metro Rail Stations, Ride Share or Bike Paths.

Road & Highway Signage – Traffic Signage (must be used with the SNAP’n SAFE™ Breakaway Coupler), Mile Markers, Delineators.

Informational Signage – Marinas, Ski Areas, Hiking/Camping/Park Areas, Boundary Markings.

Industrial Signage – Safety Signs, Pipeline Markers, Utility Markers, Construction/Danger Zones.

Parking Lot Signage – Handicap/Employee/Customer parking zones, No Parking/Loading Zones.

Subdivision Signage – Fire District house marking, Community Events, Children at play, Lot markings.

Permanent & Temporary Fencing - Snow Fencing, Traffic flow structures, Temporary Barriers.

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